Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Science City Kolkata : Butterfly Corner

Science City
Location: At the crossing of JB5 Halden Road and EM Bypass, Kolkata - 700046.
Timings: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Entry fee: Rs. 15 per head.

The pioneering effort of National Council for Science Museums or NCSM, this setting up of open-air Science Parks has now added a new dimension to science teaching through a process of discovery in outdoor settings. NCSM has developed more than 150 Science Park exhibits so far; on Mechanics, Survey, Sound, Optics, Mathematics and Bio-Science. Aviaries and rabbit enclosures are added attractions. Science City, with its sprawling lawns and musical fountain, is a true delight for a relaxing and pleasurable evening. There are cable cars, a toy train and kids’ playground with jungle gyms and slides. One can sit for hours and enjoy the breathtaking sight of the music fountain. Dynamotion is a great favourite among kids with its large exhibit on physics and mechanics. Life-size dinosaurs, aquariums, insectariums and the butterfly corner are also great attractions. Science City also has a Time Machine, which simulates a journey into the past and future with sights and sounds. The Space Theatre is by far the most popular attraction.

The thrill of travelling through the Serengeti Reserve Forest in Africa surrounded by wild animals in action is fabulous. Or sailing into outer space in search of extraterrestrial life in the universe via Astrovision, combined with Universum, brings you a unique experience in a 360-capacity titled dome theatre — the first of its kind outside Japan.
Relatively lighter on the pocket, Science City is a cheap getaway where you and your friends can chill — but naturally after the sun dips over the horizon.



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