Thursday, July 28, 2005

2005 Teacher of the Year Announced; Delaware state butterfly

Outstanding Educational Specialist: Mrs. Cynthia Pochomis, Newark, Del., a special needs teacher at Richardson Park Learning Center in Wilmington, is one of three Honorees being recognized for Special Needs education. "The children do better in every aspect when they are engaged and doing things they love," said Pochomis. "Science just seems to naturally click with these children, because it excites them and they can ask questions." In the past, she has participated in a two-year project to name the Delaware state butterfly. "My class produced a video describing each of the three choices for the state butterfly. We had enough copies sent to each school so every primary student could vote on which butterfly they wanted to be the state butterfly. We had about 3,000 responses," said Pochomis. Her class was able to watch the bill signing ceremony naming the Tiger Swallowtail as the state butterfly.



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