Sunday, May 15, 2005

Where is this sea of colourful visitors heading for?

Sunday May 15 2005 11:46 IST

BANGALORE: Prominent Kannada poet, Da. Ra. Bendre might have been surely inspired by thousands of these coulorful creatures, while writing his very famous song, Pataragitti Pakka, Nodiri Anna Akka.

Today, if you take a drive around the city outskirts and green areas in the city, you will be amazed to see these little flying guests, which are flying in thousands, before they proceed further towards unknown their destination.

The guests are non other than colourful butterflies, who are on their migratory route from Eastern direction towards the West side. Every year thousands of butterflies pass through Bangalore, during their migratory process.

However, biologist are yet to trace the reason and the route of the mass migration, which butterflies follow every year. But, scientists portend that the migration starts at Andra Pradesh and go towards Western Ghats.

Every year migration takes place at pre monsoon season during the month of May and also in the months September-October. During their venture they proceed through lush green places, which naturalist call as, ‘Migratory Highway’.

S Karthikeyan, Senior Education Officer at World Wide Fund for Nature India (WWF) told this website’s newspaper that no one really knows, where these butterflies come from and where they are heading.

“Scientists in India still not have the clear picture about the migratory aspects of Indian butterflies. Unfortunately, no one could explain what triggers the migration and where it ends”, said Karthikeyan.

“It’s not necessary that the butterflies gather only in city outskirts. They are not stationary, they are on constant move. We were fortunate enough to spot more than 700 butterflies on Saturday morning in Lalbagh”, said Karthikeyan.

The dark blue tiger, double branded crow and common crow are the important species of butterflies which carry-out mass migration every year. Kartikeyan also feels that the scientist should initiate to solve the mystery of past and future of butterfly migration.

Pre monsoon in the best time to see butterflies while they travel in their migratory routes. Executive Director of Banneragatta National Park, K B Markandaiah said that the butterflies are very active during pre monsoon period.

After the monsoon they fall in dormancy phase, thus could be seen in very few numbers.

“Migration is an important process in the life-cycle of butterflies. Every year butterflies travel for longer destinations from their dwelling place”, said Markandaiah, adding that the butterflies are in more in number in the morning time at Banneragatta and surrounding places.

C S Siddarth, who has been spotting the butterflies from past couple of days said that a huge density of butterflies can be seen at Andrahalli, Harohalli and Sunkadakatte near Peenya second stage in the morning hours.

As the temperature increases the butterflies disappear from the sky. Jnanabharati University campus at Kengeri, Outer-Ring-Road, Banneraghatta are among the places where the spectacular butterfly migration can also be seen.

Naturalist also suggests that these butterflies will proceed further by next couple of days, to an unknown destination.

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a desire to see those butterflies yet again... among the tree and round my garden... i want to make people more aware of their crisis.make them more aware..
i am making a documentary on this. i want more information about thse beautyfull creatures. any idea where i can get it?? please inform me by sendin a mail to or replyin on this post...

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